Ghost Movies to Show in 2020

Nowadays, the film is increasingly in demand by everyone. The reason is, the techniques embedded in the film are very sophisticated, so they can attract the attention of the public. One of them that is now a hit and many fans are ghost or horror films, both from abroad and from Indonesia itself. The following series of horror films that aired in 2020.

  1. The Grudge
    One of the ghost films opening in 2020 is The Grudge. This film tells about a murder investigation case in an old house. However, the investigators did not know that there was a creepy creature called Kayako who would interfere and also kill them.
  2. Enter 2
    As the title implies, this show is about a spirit who tries to terrorize a woman named Isabella by possessing her body. This was done because the spirit wanted to ask Isabella for help to reveal her tragic death. Since then, Isabella has been able to talk to spirits and understand more about magical things.
  3. Letters from death
    This film tells the story of Zein who wants to find out about the truth of an urban legend named Mbak Rohana who is at Jembatan Perawan, Yogyakarta. He did this for the sake of content to become viral in the community. However, all his efforts failed. Until he got a letter threatening him. Where all Zein’s closest people were threatened with being killed one by one. From there, Zein tries to figure out who sent the letter and what it means. The solution to this problem he started from an old house.
  4. Fetus
    to be precise on January 16, 2020, there is an Indonesian ghost film that cannot be missed, namely Janin. This film tells the story of Dinar, played by Jill Gladys, who always feels terrorized by strange events. This phenomenon often occurred after he met his neighbor named Mrs. Sukma. Since then, Dinar felt psychologically disturbed, because he often saw the figure of a woman with pale white skin and long hair who wanted to take a fetus in her stomach.
  5. The turning
    On January 24, 2020, there is an interesting film called The Turning. This film tells the story of a woman named Kate, who works as a teacher and at the same time a nanny for two children, namely Flora and Miles. As time went by, Kate and her two foster children felt that something was wrong with the house. This is because the various terrors received every day are endless.
  6. Mangkujiwo
    On January 30, 2020, there is a film called Mangkujiwo. This one film tells the story of the origin of the feared supernatural being. This one ghost emerged from a great fight between Cokrokusumo (Roy Marten) and Brotoseno (Sujiwo Tejo). This fight began with a power struggle which was eventually won by Cokrokusumo. From here, Brotoseno took revenge on Cokrokusumo through Kanti, played by Asmara Abigail. The figure of Kanti is currently pregnant with a baby as a result of her affair with Cokrokusumo. Not getting there, Kanti also had to swallow a bitter pill because the residents were shackled and slandered as if the baby she was carrying was a devil’s child. Returning to Brotoseno, he used Kanti to be included in a series of satanic rituals. From there, he will take revenge on Cokrokusumo using black magic.