Series and movie entertainment streaming: To subscribe to a selected channel or just your favorite program?

People are leaving behind the traditional television and cable subscriptions for a more personalized and lower-cost subscription option. One of the newest trends in subscription entertainment is VOD (Video on Demand) through online streaming channel services. Some companies like Philo  offer VOD as well as live streaming services to users.

How does an Online TV streaming subscription work?

Online TV subscription allows users to stream channels in their subscription plan which could be monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. Most online TV channels are streamed for free but some are paid for. Some paid online streaming channels including Netflix, a renowned online streaming company. With a wide variety of viewing options, free online streaming options offer tens of thousands of television shows, movie selections, and radio stations.

Paying subscriptions for online TV streaming services

Although some online streaming platforms provide free television subscription for users, it is noteworthy to mention that some companies or outfits provide paid subscription service for streaming movies and TV shows. One of such is Netflix, which offers a paid subscription service where viewers can subscribe based on the channels and movies they intend to stream. Paying for a subscription and also paying for selected channels depends on so many factors. Some certain movies or shows are unavailable on most online streaming platforms, so you have to pay for if you intend to see such programs. Whether or not this justifies the need to subscribe or not is left for viewers making those choices.

A subscription to see a particular movie or show is somewhat different from paying for selected TV channels, as one can subscribe to a series and have access to the videos when released by the producers while a paid subscription to a channel allows one see the content televised or streamed by the channel. However, it is necessary to reiterate that paying for a channel and paying for a movie streaming series are two different sides of the same coin.

There is also the concept of a general subscription service that allows you access to certain online TV channels and a specialized or separate subscription to a movie series. One of such online TV streaming platforms offering this is YouTube TV. YouTube TV is an online TV subscription platform that allows viewers to see videos for free if they have an Internet connection, but there are certain channels on the YouTube platform that are only accessible to paid subscribers and are often marked as private videos. So, a particular channel can have videos accessible to the general viewership and video available based on a paid subscription.

In sum, the kind of lifestyle you live will determine which subscription option best suits you. If you are a very busy type, you would want to optimize your down time by seeing movies or programs that already resonate with you. On the other hand, there might be some programs on the channels that might offer valuable insights and information to you. Whatever process you decide, the choice is ultimately yours.