10 Best Animated Movies For Adults

best animation movie

What follows is a bizarre, fantastic buddy cop story that uses noir conventions to each send up and celebrate the Pokemon universe. The Secret Life of Pets, a goofy caper in regards to the misadventures our pets stand up to after we leave the home for the day, was an sudden hit. In the sequel, Patton Oswalt takes over from Louis C.K. as Max, a neurotic canine adjusting to a new baby in his human household.

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A part of the movie’s appeal lies within the relationship between Linguini and Remy and the way it develops. Even Anton Ego, a feared, and conceited food critic is a memorable character. The Curse of the Were-Rabbit is a subtly touching and splendidly eccentric journey featuring Wallace and Gromit. A visually beautiful film which may be too predictable and politically appropriate for adults, however ought to serve youngsters nicely.

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