Film History Before 1920

history of movie

It may “exhibit drawings, models, single or stereoscopic images, so as to animate animal actions, or that of equipment, showing varied different illusions.” Antoine Claudet claimed in March 1851 to have exhibited a self portrait that confirmed 12 sides of his face on the French Industrial Exposition of 1844. These have been most likely not meant as a representation of various phases of a motion, but as an overview of different camera angles.

In 1889, Le Prince developed a single-lensed projector with an arc lamp to project his films onto a white display. Le Prince used paper-backed gelatin films for the negatives, from which the paper could possibly be peeled off after filming. He also investigated the possibilities of celluloid movie and obtained lengthy lengths from the Lumiere manufacturing facility in Lyon. Ansch├╝tz’ profitable shows and projections of cinematography have been technologically primarily based on rotating discs or drums and … Read More

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