Alfred Hitchcock’s 20 Greatest Films, From Rebecca To The Birds

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But for probably the most part their society seems like a quite joyous one. It also doesn’t hurt that two of the more prominent members of that society are Christopher Lee and Britt Ekland. By the time The Wicker Man finally noticed daylight in late 1973 – as an unlikely double invoice with Nicholas Roeg’s psychological thriller Don’t Look Now – solely Lee’s passion was keeping the film going. In the summer of 1975, he paid his personal method to travel to America to publicise the US launch. There he launched into a tireless pilgrim’s progress of the local TV circuit, from Baton Rouge to Boise, Idaho.

Two fundamental principles come into play whenever a court must decide a case involving freedom of expression. The first is “content neutrality”– the government can’t restrict expression simply because any listener, or even nearly all of a community, is offended by its content … Read More

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