History Of Film Technology

history of movie

In 1900, Charles Pathé began film production under the Pathé-Frères model, with Ferdinand Zecca employed to actually make the films. By 1905, Pathé was the biggest film company on the earth, a place it retained until World War I. Léon Gaumont started movie production in 1896, with his manufacturing supervised by Alice Guy. In France, the Lumière firm sent cameramen all around the world from 1896 onwards to shoot films, which have been exhibited regionally by the cameramen, after which sent again to the corporate manufacturing unit in Lyon to make prints on the market to whomever needed them. There were nearly a thousand of those movies made up to 1901, almost all of them actualities. In Britain, Robert W. Paul and Birt Acres both independently developed their very own methods for projecting a shifting picture on to a display screen.

Varieties Of Film History

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