Top 50 Martial Arts Movies

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Rather, The Duel is something more distinctive, a moody and nicely-acted crime drama that also has tons of bloody martial arts motion sequences, lots of them being knife fights. The film options perhaps the 2 largest stars of the day, Ti Lung and David Chiang, as the members within the titular duel, and this was a fairly large deal. Both had sometimes played heroes prior to now, and both had been paired together as allies. For the Chinese viewers, seeing the two of them finally come to blows in a duel to the demise was a bit like watching Macho Man Randy Savage flip towards Hulk Hogan and break up the Mega Powers. David Chiang alone kills practically 100 individuals on this freaking movie.

As a lot romance as martial arts, The Bride With White Hair is nonetheless crammed with ultra-stylized, gory, head-scratching mayhem. In some sense, it has a Romeo and Juliet tinge of doomed lovers, if those lovers had the flexibility to fly and assault people with prehensile hair. The title character is a young lady who undergoes a horrible transformation when rejected by her lover, utilizing her newfound powers to hunt out those who have wronged her. The entire factor is shot in a really gauzy type with chilly colors and odd, unnatural lighting that makes it really feel like an particularly vivid nightmare. It’s a film that waffles between silly melodrama and even sillier action on the drop of a hat, which is one thing one can typically find within the wuxia martial arts subgenre where this no less than partially resides.

The story is that of a Kung Fu skilled on a revenge mission after discovering that his master has been murdered. If you love Chinese collections, then you can make certain that this is likely one of the best Chinese motion films of all time. Purely entertaining, Iron Monkey by no means takes itself overly seriously, hanging an easygoing balance between hyper-kinetic, considerably unrealistic action and a broadly interesting, Robin Hood-like story.

Stephen Chow is probably the largest name in martial arts comedy for the reason that days of Sammo Hung, and Kung Fu Hustle will doubtless stay certainly one of his most properly-regarded films both as a director and performer. The motion has no basis in reality, being closer to an actual-world depiction of Looney Tune physics. The characters are broad pastiches and references to well-known actors from the genre’s historical past abound.

Wing chun is a very influential type of martial arts when it comes to film, however it may be shocking for martial arts followers to know that true, conventional wing chun is definitely quite rare on display screen. It’s a small-scale movie featuring director Sammo Hung in a supporting function, but the stars of the present are Casanova Wong because the hero and particularly his master, Bryan Leung. Leung, who has appeared in quite a few kung fu roles and continues to carry out to this present day, is affectionately recognized to followers as “Beardy,” however this occurs to be one of the rare roles the place he’s fairly beardless.

  • That’s principally what Jackie Chan does to a shopping center in Police Story, besides it’s together with his personal two arms.
  • Remember that scene in The Blues Brothers where Jake and Elwood drive the Bluesmobile by way of a mall and wreck it up good?
  • Seriously, there’s enough breakaway glass in that one, 9-minute battle scene for 10 martial arts motion pictures.

It’s tough to define, but wuxia films typically characteristic this sort of mix of historic swashbuckling and romance over the coaching and fistfights of other martial arts films. Once you get previous the explicitly turtle-based finishing moves (like the shell-smushing knock-outs) and the Domino’s Pizza plugs, what’s left is a brooding narrative and surprisingly prolonged, unadorned struggle scenes. Night Shyamalan tried with The Last Airbender and then failed. Plus, this marks the one time you’ll ever find Corey Feldman on a listing like this. Many of the movies so far have been profoundly ’80s, however Only the Strong is the early ’90s.

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It feels just like the Full House of martial arts films, chock full of positivity, smiling, day-glo colors and life-lessons galore. It’s like an after-college special collided with a kung fu movie. The extremely oily, metrosexual villain Silverio is especially memorable—I love that the thing to send him right into a rage within the final battle is having a part of his luxurious, flowing hair minimize off by a sword swipe. Thank god Mark’s college students are there to sing a catchy tune and fill him with preventing spirit!

Remember that scene in The Blues Brothers where Jake and Elwood drive the Bluesmobile via a mall and wreck it up good? That’s principally what Jackie Chan does to a shopping mall in Police Story, except it’s along with his own two arms. Seriously, there’s sufficient breakaway glass in that one, 9-minute battle scene for 10 martial arts movies. The solely smart method to rank Jackie Chan movies is solely to concentrate on the motion and the death-defying stunts, which all the films within the Police Story collection have in spades.

Chan has referred to as the first Police Story his best movie, although, and who are we to argue? Kung fu films can typically come off as weirdly compartmentalized between humor and actually dramatic, severe action. In typical Hung style, he plays a comedic character named “Fatty” who indentures himself to a brave martial artist after the guy bests him in combat. Fatty is merely a sidekick/comic relief, nevertheless—his grasp is the movie’s true protagonist, and his personal story is much more melodramatic, revolving around the lady that each he and his adoptive brother, a gang leader, need. When she commits suicide in an attempt to finish the preventing and keep everyone protected, they end up in an epic, knock-down, drag-out kung fu battle that ends with a somewhat spectacular finishing move—a professional wrestling-fashion big swing.